Store and manage color gradients in Eduard

Learn here about storing, renaming, deleting, sorting, applying, importing and exporting color gradients.

Click here to learn about editing color gradients .

Stored color gradients are available each time you start Eduard. To manage your color gradients, choose Shading > Edit Gradients. You can drag and drop color gradients between two windows and between Eduard and the Finder.

Store a color gradient

To store a color gradient do one of the following:

Rename, delete and sort stored color gradients

To manage your stored color gradient, open the Gradients dialog with Shading > Edit Gradients.

To change the name of a color gradient, click on the pencil icon of the gradient.

To delete a color gradient, select the gradient and click on the bin icon in the lower right corner.

To sort your color gradients, click and drag an icon with three horizontal lines.

To export a color gradient to a file, click on the icon with the upwards pointing arrow.

Apply a stored color gradient

To apply a gradient stored in the list of gradients int the Settings dialog, do one of the following:

Import and export color gradient files

Color gradients can be stored in gradient files and color gradients can be previewed in Finder.

To import or export a color gradient file, bring a document window to the foreground and do one the following: