Texture shading layer in Eduard

Texture shading highlights details in a terrain, and can be useful when combined with relief shading. Below is a texture shading of Valdez, Alaska.

Texture shading was invented by Leland Brown. For more information, see his website at  http://www.textureshading.com/

Adjust the strength of the texture shading with the  Texture  slider. Low values retain more of the original elevation information; a zero value will result in a hypsometric black-to-white tinting. High texture values create more texture by accentuating sharp transitions in the elevation grid.

Adjust the contrast between dark and bright shades with the  Contrast  slider. High contrast values emphasise transitions from low to high elevations, but may result in loss of information in the lightest and darkest features.

Adjust the granularity of the texture with the  Details  slider. A low details value creates a generalized texture that can be useful for blending the texture shading with a generalized relief shading.

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