Analytical shading in Eduard

Analytical shading is a fast algorithm that shows all small details, but does not accentuate landforms as the manual shading styles do.

To switch between manual styles and analytical shading, choose Shading > Manual Style Shading or Shading > Analytical Shading (command and ↑ or ↓). 

On macOS 12, if your Mac has a touch bar, it shows two buttons to switch between manual style shading and analytical shading.

Altitude angle (analytical shading only)

The altitude angle is the elevation angle above the horizon of the light source. With an angle of 0°, the light source is at the horizon. With an angle of 90°, the light source is at the zenith, that is, vertically above the terrain. The altitude angle is not required for manual shading styles and is only available for analytical shading.

Vertical exaggeration (analytical shading only)

Elevation values are scaled by the vertical exaggeration factor. If you need a very large vertical exaggeration factor for small-scale or flat terrain, enter it in the text field. Vertical exaggeration is only available for analytical shading. For manual shading styles, adjust the right Terrain Type slider knob instead.

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