Preferences/Settings in Eduard

On macOS 12, choose Eduard (at the top-left of your screen) > Preferences, and on macOS 13 choose Eduard > Settings.

General: Appearance

Window Background is the gray value between 0 and 255 of the window outside of a shading.

General: Zoom and pan

Scroll Wheel: If you are using a mouse with a scroll wheel, select whether scrolling zooms in or out or moves the shading up or down.

Two Fingers on the Trackpad: If you are using a trackpad, select whether moving two fingers simultaneously in vertical direction zooms in or out or moves the map up or down (when zoomed in).


See  download a grid  for information.


Store shading settings in  bookmarks  for later use.

Map Viewer

Select the  map viewer  that opens when you click on the map toolbar button or choose Grid (at the top of your screen) > Show Grid Area in Map.